Hello I am Ben Stef. Nice to meet you.

You can describe me in 3 words: determined, technologist, risk taker.

I grew up in Chicago but was born in the country of Romania. I learned from my parents what it means to work hard and to work for the benefit of others first. I am very much a team player, pushing others to work as hard as I do.

My passions are technology and the impact they have on our everyday lives.

I do a lot of reading and research on technology to get the full picture on the latest and greatest in gadgets and computers.

Another passion I have is for photography. It was something I enjoy and people tell me “I have an eye” for it. something I always bring with me is my camera. I go the extra mile to lug my 13 pound Canon. Yes I’m a “Canon guy” . If you ask me why, I’d say its what because I been using them for years. If you use a DSLR, never put it in “auto” mode, be creative and try some settings out!

I delight taking pictures but never of myself. Seeing others smile through my view finder and then showing them the results brings me joy. Check out my flickr page to my work.

On my Blog you will see me share my thoughts about technology’s impact on our social life and how its meant to benefit us. Technology is a tool use it and don’t be afraid to take risks!

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