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My love for photography is deeply rooted in my childhood. I always was fascinated by pictures and capturing moments. My favorite type of photography is candid where you can capture the right point in time. 

This post is about the history of photography and the evolution of the equipment I used.


In high school, there was a photography class offered as an elective. I signed up for it and decided to check what it was all about. In that class, we learned and practiced we shoot black and white (b/w) photos and then develop them by hand in the darkroom. It was fascinating to learn!

Interestingly both of my parents were into photography when they were my age. My father knows how to compose a shot and adjust things manually; whereas my mother took a lot of photos of our siblings and captured some great moments. We have a couple of Fuji and Nikon film point and shoot style camera in the family that still work!

First SLR

With the interest of this class, my parents bought me my first SLR camera 35mm film camera, a Canon EOS Rebel Xs. It came with an entire kit with bag and couple lenses and etc. This was used for the photography class and for family vacations mostly.

Gone digital

With my interest growing and technology improving, I got my first digital camera. It was a Canon S320 ELPH which was revolutionary in the megapixel count and image processor called DIGIC.

In my use of the digital camera, my interest for a bigger camera came along but DSLR was out of my budget so I got my first ‘super zoom’ camera, a Canon PowerShot S5 IS. It had a large zoom and more versatile and with a flip-out screen.

using the Canon super zoom in Hong Kong

I used this camera a lot on my trips to Hong Kong. It was fast, robust and compact enough to put in my coat pocket or hang around my neck without much strain.

Here are some examples of how far I could zoom from across the harbor:



Zoom all the way to top of the peak!


With the PowerShot, I was able to get some good self-portraits shots using the timer

Digital SLR

After using the Canon superzoom i saved up money to finally buy a ‘real’ camera so I invested in a DSR. After much research, I decided to stay with Canon since I was familiar with their products already for nearly a decade. I got the Canon XSi which was the first DSLR with live view on the screen.

They say your photography is as good as your ‘glass’. So in one day, I purchased two lenses, 1. Canon 24–70 2.8 & Canon 55mm 1.4 along with a UV filter to protect. This was a very expensive but allowed me to improve my shots and be more dynamic.

Next Level

To push to the next level and saved for a Full frame DSLR and got me the Canon 6d. This was Canon’s first entry-level full-frame with a large sensor of 20MP. I only purchased the body since I already had the lenses. Using them in combination made the overall shot much more than I realized before I can now get blurry (bokeh) shots




By this time I was traveling quite frequently every few months and bringing my big DSLR with lenses etc became a bit heavy to deal with.

So I purchased one day a Sony alpha A6300, which was the first Sony alpha mirrorless to support 4k video recording at a decent bit rate and better quality.

This became my go-to camera for the next couple of years. It performed almost as well as my DSLR but also had some advantages: weight, better color adjustments, flipping screen. 


Along the way, I also shoot photography on the current phone I use. Their cameras have come a long way and perform very well for quick shots. At the time of this writing, I have an iPhone 11 Pro which takes stellar photos and is one of the best in mobile for 2019 and 2020.


Shot on iPhone 11 Pro


You can see all my photography kits on my Kit page:


I will always take photos and capture the memories.

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