I’m an avid reader and reviewer of all things tech. I am constantly checking out new things. I was always a gadget and a tinkering kinda person.

My aim in all of this is getting familiar with cutting edge technology and provide a sense of reason and practical use in the product or service. Basically, why YOU should use it.

Stay tuned as I share some of my experiences with technology.


Favorite brands are: Apple, Tesla, Disney, Nike (see links)

Favorite piece of tech currently: Air Pods Pro (yes they are worth it)

Favorite Movie: Star Wars (all 3 trilogies) fav of all 9 is “Empire Strikes Back” & “Force Awakens”

Favorite website: Verge; Dezeen; VOX

Favorite experience with any tech is the Sony MiniDisc player.

Favorite big tech is my 55in LG OLED TV


Product hunt

Producthunt is a website where people can share and distribute their ideas or products. I stumbled upon while looking for new technology. 

It provides a daily update on new products and services. I use some of them regularly now after discovering them. I recommend you use their apps.


Uncrate s an online magazine publication and buyers guide that features some of the coolest designed products and gadgets that will or have come out already.


I am one of the very few people that actually browser to <whatever>.com site but rather I use RSS feeds to read things on the internet.

I use Feedly to read any kind of news, You can add basically any website and you will get its updates. 

You can check out my Feedly collections here: https://feedly.com/bstef