About Me

I am Ben Stef

A Technologist from Chicago. My Passions in technology are web development, web hosting, mobile tech, server platforms, infrastructure and networking.

My influence in technology began at the age of 16 where we got out first computer. It was just when Windows 95 was rolling out. I learned so many things about DOS and windows at that time. I even managed to break the OS by tinkering with the settings and such.

During high school I took a computer class. There we learned more about DOS, CAD, Windows 3.1, microcontrollers, and calculators. We even briefly learned about cobal.

During those years I wanted to learn more about computers and especially how computer chips can do complicated work in a matter of microseconds.

I studied at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) electrical engineering. I received a bachelor of science in that field. Some of my favorite and memorable course were logic design, electronics and Computing. My professors and TA’s only spur me on to keep on learning. Which became something part of my character.